Cultural Face Painting Challenge Winners:

We are excited to announce the three Cultural Face Painting Challenge winners! Please see video with announcers Artist, Laura Hoyos and Latina Surge National President, Elisa Charters.

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Special thanks to Dynamics Multilingual Services for communications for #10000Mamacitas Spanish Translations.


“If we can see it, we can be it!”



Our amazing volunteers

The #10000Mamacitas Event Planning & TechNICAL Team

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Our collective goal is to actively engage to close gaps in racial and gender equality.

Coming together with our collective VOICE and VISION to help shape comprehensive societal recovery and economic stability for women and multicultural communities of color. 


Critical Focus Areas for Our Latina/x Vision Statement

Employment/Professional Development

Education/Higher Education

Criminal Justice/Incarceration

Access to Healthcare


Food security



Violence Against Women

Equal pay (46% Differential!)

Wealth Generation

Supplier Diversity

Why #10000Mamacitas & Cultural Face Painting Challenge?
Please Note New Date: June 24th 12pm-1:30pm EST

Whether it be the “mamas” in African villages or the “mamacitas” in the Caribbean Islands, Central and South American villages, these matriarchs of community are the empowered women supporting their communities.  We come together in our NY/NJ regional community, set back, but determined not to be defeated in the face of the COVID19 pandemic.  Yes, we are in the epicenter of this global pandemic, but we are empowered to hold up our community with our collective voice and vision of opportunity to close gaps in racial and gender equality.  

Ya se trate de las “mamas” en las aldeas africanas o las “mamacitas” en las aldeas de América Central y del Sur, estas matriarcas de la comunidad son los ancianos con poder que apoyan a sus comunidades. Nos reunimos en nuestra comunidad regional de NY / NJ, retrocedimos, pero decidimos no ser derrotados ante la pandemia de COVID19. Sí, estamos en el epicentro de esta pandemia mundial, pero estamos facultados para mantener a nuestra comunidad con nuestra voz colectiva y nuestra visión de oportunidad para cerrar brechas en la igualdad de género.

Cultural Face Painting Challenge

We give special thanks to Makeup Artist, Laura M. Hoyos of Paint2Smile for her contributions to this Cultural Face Painting Challenge and to our beautiful #10000Mamacitas logo! Laura captures ART in people's skin. Through design and color, her team of face painters, body painters, balloon twisters and paint & sip instructors allow clients to experience magical moments at all stages of life.

Challenge Criteria

The #10000Mamacitas Cultural Face Painting Challenge launches on Saturday morning, May 30th! There will be 3 winners: 1st place ($100 gift card), 2nd place ($50 gift card) and 3rd place ($25 gift card). With written permission by an adult or guardian, all winners will have the opportunity to decide if they would like to have their winning Cultural Face Painting Challenge image (only in the form of a photo) posted to the Latina Surge Website and #10000Mamacitas web page for a period of one year. Mandatory hashtags and handles: #10000Mamacitas @LatinaSurge
Optional: #RacialParity #GenderParity #Latina #Latinx #EqualPay #COVID19Disparities

Greatest # of likes of a PHOTO on Facebook or Instagram (or combination)

Must submit legal and respectable PHOTO image 

The Earliest Posting Date Must Be on Saturday morning of May 30th, 7am EST 

Challenge closing date is Monday, June 22th at 12am midnight EST

Symbols and Designs Only (no words)

Artist Laura Hoyos’ Demonstration in SPANISH

Artist Laura Hoyos’ Demonstration in ENGLISH

Cafecito Chats with Topic Experts

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This is your chance to be self-empowered to contribute your voice to the VISION shaping comprehensive Latinx economic and societal recovery. Let’s actively engage, together, to close gaps in gender equality.

Esta es su oportunidad de autoempoderarse para contribuir con su voz a la VISIÓN que da forma a la recuperación económica y social integral de Latinx. Participemos activamente, juntos, para cerrar brechas en la igualdad de género.

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75% of Event Proceeds from Tickets and Sponsors put Towards Scholarships & Community Charities
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  • 75% of Event Proceeds from Tickets and Sponsors put Towards Scholarships & Community Charities


Anti-racism library curated by LeanIn.Org 

The events of the last few weeks have shone a light on the horrific impacts of systemic racism and white supremacy. From a white woman calling the police and putting Christian Cooper’s life in danger simply because he is a Black man, to the deaths of Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and David McAtee at the hands of police, what we’re seeing shocks the conscience—and yet it is and has been the reality of life for so many Black Americans for far too long.

For the Black women in our community, we know this is an incredibly traumatizing time. It is not your job to educate non-Black people about the way racism shows up in the workplace or in our day-to-day lives. For the white and non-Black women of color in our community, it’s crucial that we come together to internalize the roots of this violence and do our own work to end white supremacy.

Lean In Organization hase compiled the following list of recommended articles and books to help you inform yourselves and take action.

Many of the resources in this library were sourced from other anti-racism collections: 

Learn more about the problem of human trafficking in NYC: https://restorenyc.org/sex-trafficking/
Learn more about the impact of COVID-19 on survivors of human trafficking and how to help: 
Additional statistics about human trafficking in the U.S.: https://polarisproject.org/2018-us-national-human-trafficking-hotline-statistics/

The Double-Double Shift


Strategies for navigating life and work during COVID-19, curated by the Lean In team





Anna Maria Chávez is the Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer of the National School Boards Association (NSBA) and serves as an ex-officio director on its Board of Directors. NSBA, the leading advocate for public education, represents 49 state school boards associations and one territory association, and their more than 90,000 locally elected school board members. Prior to joining NSBA, she was Executive Vice President and Chief Growth Officer for the National Council on Aging.

Chávez’s success led to her appointment as CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA, where she served from 2011-2016 as the first woman of color to lead the 104-year group with 2.7 million members in over 90 countries and 59 million alumnae in America.

As one of the world’s top experts on women’s leadership, youth development, and aging issues, Chávez achieved that recognition by drawing on her 25 years of public service and nonprofit leadership. Chávez has appeared on CBS News, NBC’s The Today Show, FOX News Channel, CNBC’s Squawk Box, CNN, Bloomberg Radio, National Public Radio, and was a contributing writer on Huffington Post.