An Organization of Leaders

Latina Surge National is an organization of non-profit, corporate, small business, and community leaders. Currently, its charter has a maximum of 30 leaders nationwide acting as a delegation in managing the educational and charitable programming in alignment with our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Justice mission and vision.

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Accomplishments & Impact

National Leadership Positions

President * Vice President * Treasurer * Finance Chair * Board Secretary * Communications Chair * Administrative & Ethics Chair

Committee Leaders and Active Committee Volunteers

Events Chair * Social Media Chair * Podcast Chair * Strategic Planning Chair * Development Chair * Nominating/Elections Chair * Entrepreneurship Community Chair * Community Partnerships Chair * Corporate Social Responsibility Chair * Hermana Organizational Leaders

Regional Chapter Leaders

New York City * New Jersey * Miami

Co-founders & Leadership Team Members
(Current & Ex-Officio)

Elisa Charters

Co-Founder & President

Elizabeth Salas

Co-Founder & Ex-Officio

Annie Salas

Co-Founder & Ex-Officio

Estela Rizzuto

Ex-Officio VP & Advisory Chair

Elizabeth Angeles​

Ex-officio Strategist

Amanda Lopez​

Ex-Officio Communications Chair

Valeria Aloe

National Vice President (NJ)

Juan Colon

National Finance Chair (NY) &
Ex-Officio PAHS President

Leslie Grandeoro

National Secretary (NY)

Monica Martinez Milan

CSR Chair (NJ)

Lorraine Galvis

Ethics & Admin. Chair (NY)

Nicole Matos

Miami Chapter Director

Franklin Tan

Data Analytics, Engagement

Lina Vergara

Atlanta Chapter

Celina Green

Corp. Leader (NJ)

April Lewis Mitchell

Corp. Leader (NJ)

Eduardo Bialostozsky

Corp. Leader (CA)

Giovanni Torres

Corp. Leader (Miami)

Krista Nerestant

Wellness Leader (NJ)

Dr. Shreni Zinzuwadia, MD

Health Leader (NJ)

Annelise Thorsen

Latinas in Tech Committee

Hermana Organizations

Yai Vargas

The Latinista/HACR

Minue Yoshida

Yoshida Consulting

Carolina Castro

Latinx in Tech (NJ)

Angelica Ogando

Yoshida Consulting (NJ)

Mellie Torres

Junior League DEI (NJ)