Latina Surge Leaders

A Organization of

Latina Surge National is an organization of leaders.  Currently, its charter has a maximum of 50 leaders nationwide acting as a delegation in managing the educational and charitable programming in alignment with our Diversity & Inclusion mission and vision.


National Leaders

President Vice President Treasurer/Finance Chair Secretary/Scheduler Administrative/Ethics Chair

Committee Leaders and Active Committee Volunteers

Events Chair - Social Media Chair - Podcast Chair - Strategic Planning Chair - Development Chair - Nominating/Elections Chair - Entrepreneurship Community Chair - Community Partnerships Chair

Regional Chapter Leaders

New York City - New Jersey - Miami

Co-founders & Original Leadership Team

Elisa Headshot (Facebook copy)

Elisa Charters


Elizabeth Salas


Annie Salas


Estela Rizzuto

1st Vice Pres

Elizabeth Angeles


Amanda Lopez

Social Media

Leadership Team

Lorraine Galvis - NY

Nicole Matos - Miami

Yai Vargas - NJ-NY-Miami

Minue Yoshida - NJ-NY

Leslie Grandeoro - NY

Shreni Zinzuwadia - NJ

Annelise Thorsen - Miami

Lina Vergara - Miami

Maria Reyero - Miami

Angelica Ogando - NJ

April Lewis Mitchell - NJ

Valeria Aloe - NJ

Eduardo Bialostozsky - NY

Juan Carlos Escobar - NY

Krista Nerestant - NJ

Celina Green - NJ

Carolina Castro - NJ

Mellie Torres - NJ

Juan Colon - NY

Finance Chair Ex-Officio PAHS President

Giovanni Torres - Miami