Advisory Board Overview

AOT is currently seeking Advisory Board members to help amplify our work in New York City. The New York City Advisory Board is composed of volunteers who, through experience, qualifications, passion, and connections, will provide regional support to help AOT fulfill its goals. We expect board members to commit 2-4 hours per month to America On Tech functions, including preparation and follow-up for quarterly board meetings and committee meetings.

New York City Advisory Board members are expected to fulfill certain roles and responsibilities throughout their three-year term which include, but may not be limited to:

Latina Surge National is a recognized Lean In Regional Network with Chapters in New York, New Jersey and Miami.

Participating in organizational strategic planning and decision-making to foster the interests of the organization and ensure consistency with its mission.
Helping push ticket sales for our 2021 virtual Innovators and Disruptors Awards.
Participating in AOT’s four quarterly board meetings, whether in-person or virtually.
Activating their personal and professional networks to help AOT meet its programmatic goals that help our students obtain trainings, internships and jobs within the technology sector.
Serving as an external advocate for AOT’s work in the region by helping push our announcements via their personal and professional networks online and offline.
Donating or helping provide an annual monetary sum to the organization and enhancing the organization’s overall fundraising efforts with the goal of $2,500 (give / get).
Participating in or attending AOT’s large events and program activities.
Meeting at least once a year with AOT Advisory Board Chair and/or Executive Director to review board member responsibilities and discuss their personal involvement in greater detail.

Why You Should Consider Joining

AOT is at a critical point in its growth where it needs the trusted guidance, expertise and commitment from passionate executives, professionals and volunteers who are passionate about providing young people the skills to thrive in technology and innovation.

An idea that bloomed out of passion on a pile of Starbucks napkins has grown into an award winning organization. At AOT, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to compete fairly for the opportunities of today and tomorrow. When we think about the young people we serve, we know that when given the resources to succeed, they thrive and not only create pathways for themselves, but for others in their communities.

Our hope is that AOT can be a catalyst in introducing students to their potential and the potential they have to change the world with the skills they are acquiring in our programs. This is an opportunity for you to shape the trajectory of a growing nonprofit organization by dedicating your time, talent and treasure to us. We look forward to having you join us.


Why You Should Consider Joining

If you are interested in joining our New York City Advisory Board, see application process below:

Complete Advisory Board Application form by March 31, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST.
If selected to interview, interviews will be set up during the month of April 2021.
The first quarterly Advisory Board Meeting will take place in June 2021.