Visit is a nonprofit organization founded by Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg via The Sheryl Sandberg and Dave Goldberg Family Foundation, to empower all women to achieve their ambitions and work to create and equal world.

Latina Surge National is a recognized Lean In Network
with Chapters in New York, New Jersey and Miami

Having demonstrated impactful contributions to several of The Lean In Organization's national campaigns on Equal Pay and gender parity, and fostering the empowerment of women and women of color, Latina Surge was invited to lead within the Lean In Regional Leaders Program (RPL) in 2017. RPL was launched to celebrate and support the top leaders who run Circles and Chapters in the LeanIn.Org community. Latina Surge is proud to be approaching its third consecutive year as a Lean In Network, actively promoting our leaders to participate in LeanIn.Org's annual Leadership Conference.


Learn more about McKinsey & Company’s

“Women in the Workplace – 2018”  report.


McKinsey & Company —“We know that many companies are committed to gender diversity and are taking some action.  But this year’s findings make it clearer thank ever that companies need to double down on their efforts.”


The Corporate Pipeline:

Women remain significantly underrepresented

Attrition is not the problem

Women are left behind from the get-go

Women receive less support from managers

The Uneven Playing Field:

Women get less access to senior leaders

Women face everyday discrimination

Sexual harassment remains prevalent

Women are too often the “Only” one

If feels harder to advance for women

Women see a workplace that is less fair

Women are asking for more

Women think differently about top jobs

A Road Map to Gender Equality

Six Actions Companies Should Take to Make Progress on Gender Diversity:

Get the basics right – targets, reporting, and accountability

Ensure that hiring and promotions are fair

Make senior leaders and managers champions of diversity

Foster an inclusive and respectful culture

Make the “Only” experience rare

Offer employees the flexibility to fit work into their lives

Looking Ahead:

Change starts with treating gender diversity like the business priority it is.

The benefits of diversity are proven: new ideas, better results, and happier employees.